Online Versus Traditional RN Schools

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How should you decide between an RN online school and a traditional RN school?

Online Versus Traditional RN Schools

If you have chosen to pursue your RN to BSN or MSN degree, you may have the option to study either in an on-campus setting or online, like at South University Online. Consider the following points about traditional versus online programs:

  • Online degrees let you keep working. At South University Online, the RN to BSN and MSN programs are flexible and work with your schedule. You can study at your own pace and on your own timeframe, making it easier to keep working
  • You don't have to have an RN school close to you. If there are no RN programs near to your home and relocating is not an option, South University Online is an excellent option. You can study from anywhere and you are not limited by geography
  • You must be comfortable with technology. Earning your degree from South University Online means you will be taking classes via the web and interacting with students and professors via technology; you must be comfortable with technology in order to be successful



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