RN Degree Challenges

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What are the challenges to getting an RN degree?

RN Degree Challenges

If you have decided to go back to school at South University Online to pursue either your BSN or MSN degree, you may face a few challenges along the way. Here are some areas to look out for:

  • School is time-intensive. South University Online tries in every possible way to make school as flexible and easy to complete as possible. Even so, you are attending a degree program, and you need to be prepared to spend time working and studying for either your BSN or MSN degree
  • RN degrees cost money. At between $280 and $310 a credit hour, South University Online's programs are affordable. However, you will still need to come up with the money to pay your tuition. Look to various sources of financial aid available through South University Online, both federal and work-study, to help defray your costs
  • Self-motivation is key. Since South University's programs are online, you must be willing and able to motivate yourself to work – even when sometimes you don't feel like it. Considering you'll probably keep your job while going to school, after a long day at work, sometimes motivation can wane; you need to be able to keep on task and keep doing your coursework.



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