How Different RN Degrees Aid Your Career

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What jobs can you expect from different RN degrees?

How Different RN Degrees Aid Your Career

If you are an RN but are thinking of furthering your education at South University Online, through either their RN to BSN completion program or their MSN program, here is some information on how the degrees will help with your career once you are finished.

BSN – if you are an associate's degree RN and attend South University Online's RN to BSN completion program, you will become a BSN RN and have more flexibility in your career. Many hospitals prefer their RNs to have a BSN, and will look to those RNs when filling new jobs or promoting from within.

MSN – if you complete your Master of Science in nursing degree at South University Online, you have taken the next step in your education that will allow you to move into hospital administration, nursing administration, or nursing education. If you want to take your career into a management or education type role, a MSN from South University Online will help you get there.



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