Why You Should Consider Getting an RN Degree

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Why should you consider becoming a nurse?

Why You Should Consider Getting an RN Degree

There are many reasons why you should consider becoming a nurse. Here are some of those reasons:

• The current nursing shortage. Because many nurses are approaching retirement age, and because of a general shortage of nurses, there are too few nurses to go around. Because of the shortage, salaries and benefits are going up to attract nurses to the field

• Job security and benefits. Because of the nursing shortage, there is always a need for nurses in just about any place you could want to locate. Also, the care giving aspect of nursing makes it a rewarding profession

• Flexible schedules. As a result of the nursing shortage, many medical facilities are giving opportunities for part-time or nontraditional work schedules for nurses. This makes nursing a good career option if you have children

• It's not just for women anymore. There are more men becoming nurses now than ever before, and what was once a traditionally “female” profession has expanded



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