RN Degrees: ADN Degree

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What is an ADN degree?

RN Degrees: ADN Degree

If you want to become a nurse, but don't want to spend four years getting your BSN degree, an ADN degree may be a good option for you. ADN (associate degree nurse) is essentially an associate's degree in nursing. It will allow you to become a certified RN in about two years, half the time of a traditional RN degree. You can earn your ADN at a vocational school or a junior college.

The good aspect of an ADN degree is that class times are usually more flexible than for a full RN degree, since most vocational schools or junior colleges cater to adult learners. You can also opt to go back and get your RN to BSN degree later on, if you decide you want to earn your bachelor of science in nursing. Most medical facilities will require a BSN if you are interested in career advancement, so look at an ADN as a stepping stone in your career.



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