Nursing Colleges and Male Nurses

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How are nursing colleges accommodating male nurses?

Nursing Colleges and Male Nurses

Nursing, along with teaching, has traditionally been considered a female profession. However, just as a larger number of males today are teachers, many males are finding themselves attracted to the nursing profession. More males are entering RN college today than ever before, mainly because of the shortage of nurses in America. Because there are too few nurses to go around, salaries are highly competitive and benefits are substantial. This makes nursing a good fit for men who may be concerned with being the “breadwinner” for the family. Many RN colleges and nursing institutions are purposefully attracting men to the profession to try to alleviate the nursing shortage. They are trying to integrate curriculum to be more gender-neutral, and to incorporate men into their faculty. In order to overcome the nursing shortage, many experts say, men will need to fill in more than the 5% of the nursing population they are today.



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