Choosing a Ph.D. Nursing Program

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How do you choose a Ph.D. nursing program?

Choosing a Ph.D. Nursing Program

If you are considering a Ph.D. nursing program, you may be wondering what kind of criteria you should develop for the right RN school for you. Here are some guidelines. • Investigate the school's research interests. What are your research interests, and do they match that of the school and the professors?

• Look at the school's facilities. When getting your nursing Ph.D., research is important, and good research can only be done in good facilities. Check out the school's facilities to make sure they are up to par.

• Interview faculty. When getting your Ph.D., you will work closely with faculty who will help guide your education. Make sure the faculty have similar interests to you, are well-respected, and have personalities that fit with yours.

Other questions, about scheduling, finances, and location are similar to questions you would ask when pursuing your bachelor's or master's degree.



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