Becoming an RN College Instructor

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How do you become an RN college instructor?

Becoming an RN College Instructor

If you are a nurse interested in teaching other nurses, a career option for you may be to become an RN college instructor. RN instructors are tasked with teaching at every level from vocational nurses to RNs to MSNs. Requirements for each post are different; if you want to teach at a vocational nurse or adult education program level, you usually must have your BSN and a minimum number of years as an RN. You also must have an active RN license. For those who want to teach on the college or university level, you are usually required to have not only an BSN but an MSN as well, and demonstrated clinical as well as teaching experience. Many colleges and universities are in need of RN instructors right now, given the nursing shortage and the attractiveness of the nursing profession. Many people who would consider nursing education instead stay in the field for the benefits and salary they can receive.



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