Admissions Requirements for RN Applicants to MSN Programs

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What are the admissions requirements for RN applicants to MSN programs?

Admissions Requirements for RN Applicants to MSN Programs

If you are interested in applying for an MSN, here are some requirements you may need to meet as an RN applicant:

• Proof of high school graduation

• A BSN degree, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale

• All transcripts from your post-high-school studies

• An acceptable score on the GRE (usually around 1000 on the verbal/quantitative and 4.5 on the analytic)

• Letters of reference

• A written or in-person interview

• Various prerequisite courses

• The accreditation of the school where you have recieved your nursing associates or diploma

• A valid nursing license in the state in which you want to study

Once you have found a MSN program that is good for you, check with the office of admissions to find out exactly what their requirements are. They will usually send you a packet of information, complete with a requirements checklist.



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