Who Should Consider Online Degrees

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Who should consider online RN programs?

Who Should Consider Online Degrees

Many people interested in nursing or advancing their nursing careers may consider enrolling in an online degree program. Online degrees are usually available for those who want to complete their BSN with an RN to BSN program, or for those who want to earn their MSN. Some adult education programs offer associates degrees in nursing online, and LPN/LVN training online as well. If you are considering an online degree, you must ask yourself the following questions to see if you are a good candidate to be an online student:

• Are you comfortable with technology? You need to make sure that you are comfortable enough with technology, such as the Internet, chat, and word processing, to be able to complete your degree

• Are you self-motivated? Since online courses are done on your own time, they are flexible – but they also require a lot of motivation on your part. If you need deadlines and supervision to get work done, online courses may not be for you.

• Are you comfortable working solo? Even though online courses allow you to interact with other students and faculty via the web and other software, you may find yourself working on your own more than you would in a traditional program. Make sure that's okay with you.



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