Is the RN to BSN Degree for You?

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Who should apply for a RN to BSN degree?

Is the RN to BSN Degree for You?

If you already have an associate's degree in nursing and are a licensed RN, you may be wondering how to take your career to the next level. Although most hospitals will accept RNs with associate's degrees for jobs, they may be reluctant to let those nurses advance through the nursing ranks. If you find yourself in this position, earning your BSN degree is the next step. If you are a RN with an active nurse's license, are interested in advancing your career, and are dedicated to the schooling it will take to get there, then a RN to BSN program is probably for you. You will need to apply to the program with transcripts from your associate's degree, a copy of your nurse's license, letters of recommendation, and other criteria based on the school. RN applicants may also be required to complete some prerequisite course to fill in your knowledge of math, science, and logic.



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