What a BSN Course of Study Looks Like

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What does a BSN course of study look like?

What a BSN Course of Study Looks Like

If you are interested in getting your BSN degree at South University Online, you may be wondering what kind of classes you'll take and in what kind of order. Here is a typical semester breakdown of a four-year course of study for a BSN:

Semesters One-Four (first two years): general education prerequisites, like English, math, science, and history

Semester Five: Intro to Professional Nursing; Pathopharmacology; Health Assessment I; Health Care Delivery

Semester Six: Nursing/Care of Infants and Children; Science and Research for Nursing; Adult Health Nursing; Gerontological Nursing; Adult Nursing Clinical

Semester Seven: Psychiatric Nursing; Informatics and Technology; Nursing Care of Childbearing Family; Electives

Semester Eight: Community Health Nursing; Heath Care Delivery; Clinical



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