Clinical Courses at South University Online

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What kinds of clinical courses will you take when becoming a nurse?

Clinical Courses at South University Online

When studying for either your BSN or MSN degree at South University Online, a large part of your schooling will involve clinical courses. South University Online allows you to work on your clinical courses in a facility close to you, further allowing flexibility into the program.

Clinical courses are designed to help give you “hands-on” experience, rather than having you rely on classroom teaching. Some topics for clinical RN courses you may take through South University Online include:

  • Drug administration, which helps give you experience in administering drugs
  • Maternity nursing, which helps you gain experience in assisting women and their families during the birth process
  • Nursing the emotionally ill, which helps you learn how to administer to patients with psychosocial and emotional illnesses
  • Nursing of children, an experience that will give specific knowledge in nursing children, from infants through adolescents



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