The Difference between RN Colleges and. RN Universities

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What is the difference between a RN college and a RN university?

The Difference between RN Colleges and. RN Universities

When looking at RN programs, you may notice that some RN programs are offered through colleges, while others are offered through universities. Here are some of the differences between the two:

  • Colleges are schools that have a limited ability to offer post-secondary education. Colleges can usually confer either two-year or four-year degrees to their students, but do not have any postgraduate degrees available. You can usually get an associate's degree in nursing or pursue a training track as for an LPN/LVN at a nursing college.
  • Universities confer four-year degrees and can also confer postgraduate degrees, such as Master's degrees and Ph.D.s. They are usually accredited by various affiliations for individual programs. You can pursue a BSN, MSN, or practice doctorate in nursing from a university. South University Online, for example, is a full-fledged university with the ability to confer doctorate degrees; you can pursue either your BSN or MSN degree online through their programs.



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