Good Applicants for an MSN Degree

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Who should apply for a MSN degree?

Good Applicants for an MSN Degree

Once you have completed your BSN degree, the next logical step in your education is to complete your MSN degree. South University offers an online MSN program that allows you to earn your MSN degree quickly and at your own pace. Use the following checklist to see if you are a good candidate for South University Online's MSN degree:

  • You already have your BSN. South University's MSN program requires you to have already completed your BSN degree and have a valid nursing license

  • You have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. To be accepted at South University's MSN program, you will need to demonstrate that you were a good student as an undergraduate

  • You took college chemistry and statistics. For South University's MSN program, you will need to have completed some specific courses as an undergraduate, such as chemistry and statistics. If you have not completed these classes, consider taking them at a community college before you apply for your MSN

  • You are motivated and want to advance in your career. The South University MSN program is geared towards nurses who want to move into management or education positions; you will usually need to demonstrate that you are motivated and interested in advancing in your career through an admissions essay



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