Deciding Between an Online RN School and a Traditional RN School

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How should you decide between an RN online school and a traditional RN school?

Deciding Between an Online RN School and a Traditional RN School

If you have chosen to pursue your RN degree, you may have the option to study either in an on-campus setting or online. Making the decision to pursue one course of study over the other may be a difficult one; consider the following points when making your decision.

• What kind of a learner are you? If you learn face-to-face and need interpersonal interaction in order to learn, a traditional, on-campus degree is probably the best for you.

• Do you need to keep working? If you need to keep your current job, and it is not overly flexible about scheduling, a online degree may be better for you. Online degrees usually let you study at your own pace and on your own schedule.

• Are there RN schools close to you? If there are no RN programs near to your home and relocating is not an option, consider an online RN school. You can study from anywhere and you are not limited by geography.

• Are you comfortable with technology? If you are comfortable with technology, you may want to consider an online degree. If you are not well-versed in computers, web, and chat programs, a traditional degree may be the way to go.



7/21/2007 11:19:26 AM
Sherry said:

Where are onlnie RN schools? I don't there is a such thing. Can somebody post some links here? Thanks


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