Schooling For LPN/LVNs

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How do I become a LPN or LVN?

Schooling For LPN/LVNs

If you are looking for a job in nursing but don't want to attend a two-year or four-year RN degree program, you can work to become a LPN or LVN in about a year. LPN, licensed practical nurses, or LVN, licensed vocational nurses, work with RNs or physicians.

You can usually earn your certification to become an LPN or LVN from a junior or community college, or through a vocational school. A job as an LPN or LVN is also a good option while you are going to RN school to help support yourself. Some schools offer credit to people who have gone through LPN or LVN training when they go back to earn your RN.



10/19/2007 11:23:14 AM
teyana said:

this peace needs to describe the diffrence between an lpn and an rn and the kind of schooling/training each one needs.


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