Becoming an RN

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How do you become an RN?

Becoming an RN

If you want to become an RN, you have two choices in regards to education: an ADN degree and a BSN degree. Here is some info on both to help you figure out which desgree is best for you. ADN degree: The Associate Degree Nurse can earn an associate's degree in in about two years, and become a licensed nurse. This option is good if you have limited time to earn your degree, or if you are not interested in getting a bachelor's degree.

However, most medical facilities will require a bachelor's degree for career advancement. BSN degree: The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is usually a four-year course of study that will result in a bachelor's degree and a nursing license. In addition to practical nursing topics, a BSN will focus on theoretical applications of nursing in patient care and elsewhere. If you plan on advancing up the career ladder or getting an advanced degree in the future, the BSN degree is for you.



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