Determining Criteria for RN Schools

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What are the criteria for good nursing schools?

Determining Criteria for RN Schools

Once you have a list of schools you are interested in looking at further, you will need to determine what criteria a nursing school must meet for you to be interested in attending. Consider the following points:

• Is the school accredited? A school must be accredited in order for you to get your nursing license

• Is the school close, if you want to attend on-campus? Make sure your travel time won't be prohibitive if you want to attend a traditional RN school

• Where do the graduates end up working? Talk with the career services office or office of admissions to see where the graduates in nursing generally get their jobs after graduation

• Is it affordable? Find out what the tuition is, and see if it fits in your budget

• Do they have an online option? If you don't want to attend a traditional RN program, make sure the schools you're investigating have online RN programs



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