Challenges to Obtaining an RN Degree

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What are the challenges to getting an RN degree?

Challenges to Obtaining an RN Degree

Deciding you want to become a nurse is the first step in your nursing career; however, actually attaining your RN degree can be a challenge on its own. Here are some challenges to consider when deciding to obtain your RN degree:

• RN programs are selective. Because there is a shortage of nurses, many nurses who may have opted into the educational arena are staying in the field. For that reason, there are less teachers in RN programs, and RN programs are limited in the number of students they can take. This leads RN programs to be very selective

• RN programs cost money. No matter what kind of RN program you choose to pursue – ADN, RN, or MSN, you will be faced with tuition payments, which could be a problem if you are switching careers. Remember, though, that financial aid is available to qualified students

• RN programs are time-intensive. Because RN programs require both classroom learning and clinical learning, there is no “shortcut” to getting your RN degree. While accelerated programs exist, they are usually all-consuming for the 12 to 18 months they take to complete



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