Choosing the RN Degree That is Right for You

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What RN degree is right for you?

Choosing the RN Degree That is Right for You

There are several different degree tracks that will help you achieve your goal to be an RN. But how do you decide which one is right for you? The following questions may help you make that decision:

• How much time do you have to earn your degree? If you have four or so years to devote to gaining an RN degree, a bachelor of science in nursing may be the right degree for you. If you have less time, an associate degree nurse (ADN) may be a better choice

• When do you need to start earning money? If you need to change jobs right away and begin to exercise earning power, an ADN degree or a licensed practical nurse or licensed vocational nurse certification may be a better choice for you, because you can earn them quicker

• What kind of schooling do you already have? Do you already have an associate's degree in nursing? If so, an RN to BSN degree is a good option. If you already have a BSN and are looking to further your education, consider a master of science in nursing degree



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