Courses You'll Take Studying for Your MSN Degree

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What kinds of courses will you take studying for your MSN degree?

Courses You'll Take Studying for Your MSN Degree

If you are going to earn your MSN degree, you may be interested in the kinds of RN courses you will be taking. Here are some example courses from a typical MSN program:

• Advanced/Graduate Nursing Research. Most schools require nursing research courses to further your research skills.

• Professional Nursing Development. Since many nurses getting their MSN are interested in moving into management or other professional roles, professional development RN courses are usually offered.

• Community Nursing. Community nursing courses help nurses identify and respond to health issues in diverse communities.

• Nursing Informatics. Various courses will usually be offered in nursing informatics, such as Informatics and the Health Care Delivery System and Issues in Health Care Informatics.

• Clinical Courses. MSN degrees have a clinical component, helping nurses put into practice what they have been learning in the classroom.

• Thesis or Capstone Courses. Many programs will require their students to take a capstone course or a thesis course, to synthesize all the information they have gained during their course of study.



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