The Types of Courses You'll Take Studying for Your RN to BSN Degree

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What kinds of courses will you take studying for your RN to BSN degree?

The Types of Courses You'll Take Studying for Your RN to BSN Degree

When studying to complete your BSN degree, you will take the following kinds of RN courses:

• BSN candidates will be required to take general education classes to be awarded a bachelors

• Nursing Research Methods. This helps you conduct research about relevant health care problems.

• Community Issues In Nursing. You will learn about health issues that affect communities, both local and global, and learn how to become a steward of those communities.

• Transition to Professional Nursing. Since most associate's degree programs focus on skills-based nursing, most RN to BSN completion programs will offer a course to help you to transition to a more professional nursing role.

• Nursing Clinical or Practical Courses. You will probably be required to complete clinical training, which helps you get hands-on experience as a nurse.



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