Nursing Homes and Long-Term-Care Patients

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How does the trend of switching patients more quickly to nursing homes affect nurses?

Nursing Homes and Long-Term-Care Patients

According to statistics, long term care patients are being released from the hospital quicker than ten years ago. Usually when these patients are released, they are taken into a nursing home or similar facility. Because the average stay in the hospital is decreasing for long term care patients and they are moving more quickly to nursing homes, nurses may see a shift in the need for nurses who specialize in long term care.

Where once more nurses were working in hospitals with long term care patients, they now may be more needed in nursing homes. As a nurse, understanding where patients are located will help you figure out where the jobs are located. Nurse's aides and LPN/LVNs are often needed in nursing homes, and an increased need in nursing home care will mean more jobs for them.



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