Hurdles and Challenges for RN Applicants

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What are some challenges RN applicants may face?

Hurdles and Challenges for RN Applicants

You may think that if you've decide to become an RN, nurse's aide, or LPN/LVN, the biggest challenge is finding the right school and figuring out how you will have the time to devote to the program. Unfortunately, that may not be the biggest challenge you face. Even though there is a critical shortage of nurses in America, up to three-quarters of applicants to nursing programs in some schools are rejected. The reason is that most nursing schools have limited resources because of the nursing shortage; there are simply not enough nurses that want to be teachers.

One way to help you circumvent the selectivity of nursing programs is to slowly make your way up the nursing ladder – first becoming a certified nurse's aide, then a LPN/LVN, and then getting your associate's or bachelor's degree in nursing from there. Many schools will give preference to RN applicants who already have some sort of nursing training under their belts.



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