Connecting With Other RN Applicants in Online Programs

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How do you connect with other students in RN online programs?

Connecting With Other RN Applicants in Online Programs

One of the biggest questions that RN applicants may have before enrolling in an online program is: how do you connect with other students? Given that online courses eliminate the need to travel to campus for attending traditional classroom courses, your contact with other students in your program may be limited. That's why many online schools go to great lengths to help you to connect with other students in the program, so you can get the support you need. Some programs have residency requirements, meaning that the students must come to campus periodically to meet with other students and professors. While this reduces the flexibility of some programs, it helps certain students who really need to connect with their peers. Programs that do not have residency requirements usually enable students to interact through available technology, such as chat programs, chat rooms, and bulletin board systems. Some courses may even have requirements that you post messages and respond to other's messages in the class.



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